Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Representation Task

fIt's a Boy Girl Thing (2006) PosterGender: Steryotypes

For a representation of gender i have decided to loom at the film 'Its a boygirl thing' this film is defined as a rom com and therefore immeadtly aimed at women. the poster shows the woman acting like a male and the man is acting feminine. this could mean that the film is based around the way women see men and men see women. since the behaviours of the two charaters are swapped it shows that if they were normal the two people would be behaving as normal. the age of the charaters shows that it is targeted at teens or otherwise viewed as a chick flick. the female charater on the poster is clearly acting 'laddidh' by being slumped on the seat and having a football under her foot. where as the male charater is sitting poiletly and reading a book. the poster clearly shows us that women are supposed to act poite whereas males to act like they dont care by switching the attitudes of the two,

Age: Game 'GTA5'

For the representaion of age i have chosen the game Grand theft auto 5. the cover of the game clearly states that te game is aimed at the 18+ range however most people copuld tell this fomr the images on the front. firstly the images of peticular charaters carrying weapins and guns, these items tell the audience that the game will include violence and since nearly all the images contain a weapn the game will be about fighting. also the image of a female dresses in little clothing shows that the game will contain adult themes not sutible for those under 18. the image of a vicious dog could indicate that the game itself will contain visious content.
the way this game cover has been presented clearly show that the agme is not for those under 18.
National and Regional identity:  The Valleys

For the representation of national and regional identity i have used the show the valleys. in the show welsh people are seen as dull and stupid. the show shows the part of wales that most people dont see. the rough charaters have portrayed wales in a rediclous way by makimg fun for the country and making people believe that the people of wales are all alcoholics and party animals. the identity that they have managed to portray is one of idoicy.

Events: Download -Festival
The download music festival is an event that consists of diffrent bants preformaing for thousands of fans. the poster for the festival shows who the headliners are for the event. the download theme is dark and most of the bands are either rock or metal meaniung that people who enjoy that type of music are more likley to visit the festival. the colours that have been used are dark and they have used a lighting effect this could symbolise the festival is full of metal and rock bands.


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