Thursday, 5 December 2013

Pre-Production Task

Storyline pitch
Two best friends become possessed with the powers of good and evil.
The best friends must find a way to live in harmony with each other.

Script Or Storyboard?

after creaating both a script and a storyboard for my idea i have decided that the way i would like to plan my production is using a script.
i have decised to go with a script because when i created a storyboard i found that i could not add as much detail as a sript. in the script i was able to decribe the charaters and scenes in better detail and i was able to put more speech and the storyline into the text. whereas in the storyboard i was not able to include specific details on the story. also in the scrpit i am able to describe what the charaters should be thinking or feeling.
there a benifits of using a script such as being able to tell the actors where and what they should be doing or how the camrea angles should be. also if i were to do a story board and make a mistake there would be alot of time wasted however by using a script i am able to quickly change my idea if i dont like it by editing the script.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Representation Task

fIt's a Boy Girl Thing (2006) PosterGender: Steryotypes

For a representation of gender i have decided to loom at the film 'Its a boygirl thing' this film is defined as a rom com and therefore immeadtly aimed at women. the poster shows the woman acting like a male and the man is acting feminine. this could mean that the film is based around the way women see men and men see women. since the behaviours of the two charaters are swapped it shows that if they were normal the two people would be behaving as normal. the age of the charaters shows that it is targeted at teens or otherwise viewed as a chick flick. the female charater on the poster is clearly acting 'laddidh' by being slumped on the seat and having a football under her foot. where as the male charater is sitting poiletly and reading a book. the poster clearly shows us that women are supposed to act poite whereas males to act like they dont care by switching the attitudes of the two,

Age: Game 'GTA5'

For the representaion of age i have chosen the game Grand theft auto 5. the cover of the game clearly states that te game is aimed at the 18+ range however most people copuld tell this fomr the images on the front. firstly the images of peticular charaters carrying weapins and guns, these items tell the audience that the game will include violence and since nearly all the images contain a weapn the game will be about fighting. also the image of a female dresses in little clothing shows that the game will contain adult themes not sutible for those under 18. the image of a vicious dog could indicate that the game itself will contain visious content.
the way this game cover has been presented clearly show that the agme is not for those under 18.
National and Regional identity:  The Valleys

For the representation of national and regional identity i have used the show the valleys. in the show welsh people are seen as dull and stupid. the show shows the part of wales that most people dont see. the rough charaters have portrayed wales in a rediclous way by makimg fun for the country and making people believe that the people of wales are all alcoholics and party animals. the identity that they have managed to portray is one of idoicy.

Events: Download -Festival
The download music festival is an event that consists of diffrent bants preformaing for thousands of fans. the poster for the festival shows who the headliners are for the event. the download theme is dark and most of the bands are either rock or metal meaniung that people who enjoy that type of music are more likley to visit the festival. the colours that have been used are dark and they have used a lighting effect this could symbolise the festival is full of metal and rock bands.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Choosing A Genre

The Genre that i have chosen is  SiFi/ Horror. i have chosen this genre because i enjoy watching fims such as 'I am legend','28 Days Later' and 'Legion'.
the fim which i have decided to do an analysis on is the film poster on I am Legend.
the poster shows a lone man and his dog walking along what appears to be a deserted city. The background of the image shows that the city is in disrepair and that there are no other signs of life from this we get the impression that he is the last person alive and the only companion that he has is his dog. The poster has used CGI to create a deserted city and the colour of the sky.The text that has been used keeps to a constant theme and both fonts look good together. The poster has the text central so that the image itself is clearly visible ti the audience. The poster of the movie gives off a Disaster feel and that there has been some sort of apocalyptic event. the fact that they do not show the villian of the movies makes the viewer curios of what the movies storyline will be.

The dvd cover shows a closer and more detailed version of will smith with his companion. if you look closer he is carrying a gun, this could symbolize that he need to protect himself from something. on the back of the dvd cover it shows images from the movie itself giving the viewier a sneak peak at clips from the film. they have displayed the images on the back in a film reel making it look intresting and detailed. they have included an image of the fim on the spine of the dvd case this shows people what dvd it is when not on display.
the effects that they have used in the dvd cover is putting a glow behind the charters giving making them look more important. the outfit that he is wearing looks like he is a survivor and the fact that the clothes look dirty and tatterd may indicate that he is to busy to wash them or that he has more important things to do.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Trailer Analysis

Hunger games Catching Fire Trailer Analysis

The Movie trailer i have chosen is a SI-FI Action film The Hunger Games Catching Fire. The the opening of the trailer you imeadeatly see the lionsgate logo that tells you what studio created the film. in the opening sequence you are shown a clip of the beginnning of the film, in the background you can hear the main speaker projecting a speach across the audience, during this scene the camrea is shaking as if you are looking through one of the spectators view.
 The background uses non-digetic sound to add ambience and a climatic buid up to the next scene where the victors are shown to the viewers.
 The camerea angles use alot of medium long shots aswell as close ups on the person that is narrating the trailer, the trailer uses fading to transition between shots this adds an effect of mystery to see what clip will be used next.
 As the trailer progresses they use more dramatic music so that the viewers feel like something is going to happen and that the trailer is building up to a climatic ending.
suddenly the music stops and you are faced with a close up of the main charaters to show the audience the emotion that the charater is displaying. further into the trailer the style of scene changes from a city cene to almost a riot/war style of film.
 The charaters are changed from wearing civillian clothes to fancy dresses and smart suits this could show that they have been chosen for a special event, they. The Setting that the film takes place in ranges from a slum like town to a high class futureistic looking city indicating that the film could be a Si-fi based film.
the music in the backgroung fades when someone speaks so that they sound clearer and to make what they say sound more imtresting. towards the end of the trailer they switch between clips of the film and text and to make it even more dramatic they have made sure that the music links with the images by showing a major scene when the music reaches a climatic part.
close to the very end of the trailer they show the main logo of the franchise with the theme tune showing the audience what the trailer is and the name of the film. The Trailer uses alof oc CGI effects as the film itself has mainly used alof of Si-Fi scenes. the lighing that has been used throughout the trailer ranges from low key lighting to high key. The props that have been used indicate alot of fighting and riots as they have used guns and weapons.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

MediaBlog - #1

What Do You Like About This Poster?

Firstly i like this poster because they have shown the audiene that watch the series 'Game of Thrones' that there is going to have to be a battle between "Five kings" as they have shown a slogan "Five Kings One Throne" and by making the text in red shows that there is going to be dangers involved.
secondly they have an image of a clenched fist wrapped around a golden crown, this looks effective against a black background and by using a small view of a fire in the corner makes the crown look like it is glowing. 
The fact that they have only shown a small glimps of the fire in the corner means the mystery of how and why is the fire there is increaced.
The poster also shows the main title in the distinctive font that game of thrones uses making it easilt recogniable for the fans and aduience of the series.
Overall i like this poster as it adds mystery to the TV show.