Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Choosing A Genre

The Genre that i have chosen is  SiFi/ Horror. i have chosen this genre because i enjoy watching fims such as 'I am legend','28 Days Later' and 'Legion'.
the fim which i have decided to do an analysis on is the film poster on I am Legend.
the poster shows a lone man and his dog walking along what appears to be a deserted city. The background of the image shows that the city is in disrepair and that there are no other signs of life from this we get the impression that he is the last person alive and the only companion that he has is his dog. The poster has used CGI to create a deserted city and the colour of the sky.The text that has been used keeps to a constant theme and both fonts look good together. The poster has the text central so that the image itself is clearly visible ti the audience. The poster of the movie gives off a Disaster feel and that there has been some sort of apocalyptic event. the fact that they do not show the villian of the movies makes the viewer curios of what the movies storyline will be.

The dvd cover shows a closer and more detailed version of will smith with his companion. if you look closer he is carrying a gun, this could symbolize that he need to protect himself from something. on the back of the dvd cover it shows images from the movie itself giving the viewier a sneak peak at clips from the film. they have displayed the images on the back in a film reel making it look intresting and detailed. they have included an image of the fim on the spine of the dvd case this shows people what dvd it is when not on display.
the effects that they have used in the dvd cover is putting a glow behind the charters giving making them look more important. the outfit that he is wearing looks like he is a survivor and the fact that the clothes look dirty and tatterd may indicate that he is to busy to wash them or that he has more important things to do.

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