Thursday, 5 December 2013

Script Or Storyboard?

after creaating both a script and a storyboard for my idea i have decided that the way i would like to plan my production is using a script.
i have decised to go with a script because when i created a storyboard i found that i could not add as much detail as a sript. in the script i was able to decribe the charaters and scenes in better detail and i was able to put more speech and the storyline into the text. whereas in the storyboard i was not able to include specific details on the story. also in the scrpit i am able to describe what the charaters should be thinking or feeling.
there a benifits of using a script such as being able to tell the actors where and what they should be doing or how the camrea angles should be. also if i were to do a story board and make a mistake there would be alot of time wasted however by using a script i am able to quickly change my idea if i dont like it by editing the script.

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