Sunday, 8 September 2013

MediaBlog - #1

What Do You Like About This Poster?

Firstly i like this poster because they have shown the audiene that watch the series 'Game of Thrones' that there is going to have to be a battle between "Five kings" as they have shown a slogan "Five Kings One Throne" and by making the text in red shows that there is going to be dangers involved.
secondly they have an image of a clenched fist wrapped around a golden crown, this looks effective against a black background and by using a small view of a fire in the corner makes the crown look like it is glowing. 
The fact that they have only shown a small glimps of the fire in the corner means the mystery of how and why is the fire there is increaced.
The poster also shows the main title in the distinctive font that game of thrones uses making it easilt recogniable for the fans and aduience of the series.
Overall i like this poster as it adds mystery to the TV show.